We discovered Miniature Donkeys when we started shopping for goats to clear our land.  Goats also needed guard animals such as donkeys.  While searching for donkeys we met breeders that loved the minis and we got hooked on them too.  We visited several ranches in Texas and beyond doing research and learning about the breed.  Everyone we met were so nice and helpful to us.  Before long we had 16 head with two babies on the way. Our goal is to breed for quality and improve our bloodlines. People ask us what do you do with the donkeys and our response is just love 'em.

We have had several breeds of dogs during our 45 years together and currently have settled on Golden Retrievers and Papillons.  Our Goldens are the seventh generation owned by our family.  We purchased our first Papillon sixteen years ago and found the breed to be very special. 

We have recently relocated along with the donkeys and dogs to Cleburne, Texas just south of Ft Worth.

This website is a work in progress.  Please check back often as we plan to add to it frequently.

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Garey Kirk - Beast-master. gardner, barn builder, fence builder, designer and anything else that needs doing


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